In 1987 Distinctive Door Designs, Inc. began manufacturing custom kitchen cabinet doors and drawer boxes with one specific goal in mind: to be a highly reliable, quality minded supplier to the woodworking industry. The cabinet industry has changed in many ways since that time and we have also changed by adding many new styles of custom cabinet doors along with other components such as dovetailed drawer boxes and wood mouldings.

Though much has changed in our industry the special attention we pay to the details has not. Quality and service is what we offer. There is no secret to our product quality... attention to detail at every stage of production ensures it!


About Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Creating a whole new look for an old kitchen is easier and more affordable than many people realize. As long as the base cabinets are in good shape, crafting a brand new look requires only a few simple steps. With new hardware, veneer and kitchen cabinet doors the appearance of a kitchen can transform quickly. Kitchen cabinet refacing simply makes a great deal of sense for many and can save them a whole lot of money in the process.

Distinctive Door Designs is your source for cabinet doors to provide the finishing touches for a refacing project. We’ve been in business since 1987, creating only the finest kitchen cabinet doors available. From our home base in Minnesota, we serve the woodworking industry with finished products that are crafted with attention to detail. Our mission since our inception has been to be a reliable supplier with products our customers can count on to offer superior quality and beauty.

If replacement cabinet doors are needed for a refacing project, we offer a selection that’s amazing. Our product line for kitchen cabinet refacing includes:

Panel Doors – These kitchen doors are designed by bringing together multiple pieces of wood to create a finished look. The resulting door delivers a beautiful three-dimensional look that shows off the character of the wood selected.

Slab Doors – This design involves a solid piece of wood that’s been carefully rounded or radiused to create a cabinet door. These simple cabinet doors deliver a basic, but elegant look.

Mitered Doors – Replacement cabinet doors made in this style have their joints mitered for added strength and beauty. By using multiple cuts of wood, this style of door shows off the character of the wood beautifully.

Applied Molding Doors – Similar in design to panel or mitered doors, applied molding doors have embellishments, such as decorative wood moldings, added to them. The result is a distinct design that lends beauty to any room.

Glass and Grid Doors – Kitchen cabinet doors in this style bring the beauty of hard wood together with the sparkle of glass. They are a very popular choice for kitchen cabinet refacing.

At Distinctive Door Designs, we are proud to help our customers create beautiful designs with kitchen cabinet refacing. To assist even more, we also offer an extensive line of drawer fronts to match our kitchen doors. If replacement drawers happen to be required to complete a job, our dovetail designs deliver quality and craftsmanship.

Transforming the look of a kitchen is easy with refacing. When it’s time to buy the kitchen doors, drawers and drawer boxes, we have the high quality designs required to create a look that’s stunning. All of our cabinet doors offer a great deal of choice in wood, as well. Maple, oak, mahogany, cherry and walnut are just a few of the choices we offer so clients can truly customize the look of their kitchens.

To order any of our cabinet doors to complete a refacing project, just shop online for the style you’re looking for. After that, download our forms or contact us directly for assistance in placing an order for kitchen cabinet refacing materials.

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